Random Thoughts 8/24/2009

1] There is a feud going on near Selma, Alabama between 2 families and it is making the national news. THANKS FOR TAKING US BACK 70 YEARS YOU IDIOTS!!!!

2] When did Montgomery get so cool? Queensryche and Alice Cooper are both performing in the month of October at the Montgomery Performing Arts Center. Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac played a solo show at the Davis Theater a  while back. Just AWESOME! Way to go Montgomery.

 3] Football season is almost upon us, that time of year where grown men start talking to each other as if they themselves are a member of the team they support. You know what I’m talking about “We really took it to y’all” or “We ain’t played that good in years”. I don’t get how the triumph or failure of a team directly involves these yahoos, unless they have money on the game or have attended the college. As related to the guys I work with, what I find humorous about the whole thing is that, with the exception of 1 man, none of them have been to college. The one man who has, is a supporter of his college’s rival. I suppose the ones who didn’t attend a college choose to support ones team based on Colors, the Mascot, who their Daddy liked, whatever. I suppose if I chose to support a college team it would be based on cheerleaders and their relative “Hotness”. I guess maybe that is only funny to me.

4] I don’t understand people who don’t accept evolution. I overheard (but did not involve myself with) a conversation about why a man I work with took his child out of public school and decided to have his wife home school her. It is not because the school is in a dangerous area, it is not. It is not because the teachers are unqualified, he speaks highly of them and the school system in general, with one exception. They teach the “Theory of Evolution“. He says, quite ignorantly, that evolution is a theory, not a fact, so why are they teaching it instead of the Genesis Creation story, which is a fact. Let us stop for a moment to learn something new. Here is what you know: A group of Sheep is called a Flock. Also,a group of Crows is called a Murder. Here is what you may NOT know, a group of facts is called a Theory. I know, the one word you can’t use… but there it is. Here is the actual definition, as it relates to Science – A set of statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts or phenomena, especially one that has been repeatedly tested or is widely accepted and can be used to make predictions about natural phenomena.For example, we all know that germs cause disease, they cause you to get sick. We know it is not demons that have taken up residence inside of us or targeted us. Why do we know this, because of a series scientific facts. Guess what those facts are called?  “The Germ Theory of Disease, also called the Pathogenic Theory of Medicine.” That’s right, it is a theory also. The fact of evolution does not discount GOD, or make Jesus any less important or inconsequential. It just makes the guess work put forth by the author of Genesis… irrelevant.

That’s all. Thanks for reading. \m/