I wish to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Nowadays I mostly blog about Atheism, Politics, Religion, etc. I cannot state I will not in the future, but I wish to concentrate more on the positives of life. I change nothing concentrating on what I cannot control and can truly do nothing about.  I wish to write about the things I care about. Things that matter to me and make life worth the trip. On with the show…

        I was asked recently by a dear friend “What do you think of, when you think of,  Heavy Metal?” Here was my answer: “HEAVY METAL is not something you wear, something you do on the weekends, or an event. You can listen to all sorts of other music if you wish. BUT… the music that lives in your blood, breaks your heart, and makes you proud. The music you love like it is your own child. The music that defines who you are and you would truly fight to the death if the world ever tried to destroy it… that music for me, and every true metalhead alive, is HEAVY METAL.”

        I wanted to expound upon that idea. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE, WORSHIP, DEFEND, LIVE AND BREATH, FIGHT AND DIE by the music known as HEAVY METAL. If it weren’t for my wife, I would probably still be wearing nothing but denim and leather, donning long, thin hair, still going broke importing albums from Europe and Japan. I mean that in a positive manner. I am one fortunate man to have found such a beautiful woman who is also so patient with me. I like looking human, having a steady job, living in an actual house we own. I digress. The life change made me realise that METAL is not simply what you wear, or going to concerts, or even what other kinds of music your into. METAL… HEAVY METAL is who you are. It is almost NOT a choice. It is when you hear those chords for the first time and they latch onto your soul and emblazen themselves into your brain. The music rest, comfortably, between the voices of Angels and the screams of Demons. I have been listening to HEAVY METAL for over 27 years. There is no other music on the planet that can relate stories of Love, Hate, Life, Politics, Spirituality, Norse Gods, Dragons, Knights, European Wars, etc. in a single genre other than HEAVY METAL. It can incorporate Spoken Word, Folk, Pop, Symphonic, Acoustic, even Hip-Hop… and maintain its integrity. If integrity is lost, it is not HEAVY METAL. It is Divisive and Unifying, it can evoke images of the Darkest qualities of Man. It can also be a near perfect piece of evidence to the existence of a higher being. That is because HEAVY METAL is PERFECT. It is everything. It is reason and chaos. It is lies exposed and truths beheld. Those who don’t get it are not meant too. They see the world differently than we do. They see a world that is not as dark as we know it to be. They see a world with less color than we do. They will never know a world as beautiful, and at the same time terrifying, as we do when expressed through the music of HEAVY METAL. They cannot ever know the true POWER of being in a crowd of people, who on any other day, could not care for the existence of others. Though on a night at a true HEAVY METAL  concert, we are a FAMILY. We are at ONE with the other “METAL-HEADS” in the crowd. We are all Brothers and Sisters in METAL, we are ROCK ‘N’ ROLL CHILDREN. Our Godfather is Ronnie James Dio, our Grandfather is Ozzy Osbourne, we have Crazy Uncles in Alice Cooper and Dee Snider. We have a Pagan Mother in Lita Ford, and a bewitching Aunt in Doro Pesch, and her Goddess daughters Cristina Scabbia and Angela Gossow. If none of this makes sense to you, I understand. It is not a world you know, and maybe never care to know, and you have my sympathy. I could go on forever, but I will leave you with this. To those believers that are enjoying the current resurgence and interest of our genre, I have a warning. As before, our music will fall out of favor, it is inevitable. Though take heart, HEAVY METAL is a survivor. It has always been. It will always thrive. Whether in the shadows or under the spot-light, HEAVY METAL WILL NEVER DIE! HORNS UP! \m/


4 thoughts on “The NEW YEAR & HEAVY METAL \m/

  1. Well spoken… uh, written. Heavy Metal never goes away… only the non-believers or “posers” who lose interest in this glorious genre see it lose it’s luster from time to time. You my fellow Metalhead… are NOT a poser. You detailed reality… from a Heavy Metal mind. Metal Kudos back to you.

    In Metal – Stone \m/

  2. Nice. I am as you still pure metal! I had a girl tell me a few years ago that I was too old to still be metal and should grow up, to that I said fuck you! She related to me that metal heads were dumb, lazy, unemployable and drugged out losers. I corrected her on all points and wound up befriending her. You do not grow out of metal you grow in it! My wife to is supportive of my metalness, even OKing it for our son! Metal up your ass and Happy New Year.

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