I started listening to Overkill in 1987. “Taking Over” was like nothing else I had ever heard. I continued purchasing every album Overkill released (after first going back & getting “Feel The Fire”) through to 1993’s “I Hear Black”. Somewhere along the line, they lost me. I have checked in every now & then through “used” purchases from various shops. “W.F.O.”, “The Killing Kind”, “From The Underground…” etc. There are always hits & misses in every release, but no album, as a whole, just being great from beginning to end. I thought the first 5 releases would be the whole of my catalog from Overkill (along with my original vinyl pressing of “F**K YOU”). I was wrong, enter “Ironbound”. Released on February 9, 2010, “Ironbound” is that perfect Overkill album I have been waiting for. From the opening 3 tracks “The Green & The Black”, “Ironbound”, & “Bring Me The Night”… Overkill are relentless. Those 3 tracks alone are worth the purchase. Each will become a thrash metal classic in its own right. The album continues with ferocious tenacity with “Give a Little” which is old-school Bobby doing his near spoken delivery from days past (which also shows up on “Killing for a Living”) & “Endless War” with its twin guitars bringing to mind IRON MAIDEN, through to the closer “The S.R.C. (Subterranean Resistance Cult)”.  The remaining tracks “The Goal is Your Soul”, The Head & The Heart” & “In Vain” round out this absolute brilliant release. No “Power Metal” cuts on this release, like “In Union We Stand” or “Who Tends The Fire”. That is not a critique good or bad. “In Union We Stand” is the first Overkill song I ever heard and I still love it to this day. This album is just amazing Thrash & Speed Metal from beginning to end. If you’re a fan of “Taking Over”, “Under The Influence” or “Horrorscope”, you have got to check it out. I can’t say Overkill are back, because they never left. I left them , and I will never doubt again. GREEN & BLACK FOREVER… LONG LIVE OVERKILL!