I started listening to Overkill in 1987. “Taking Over” was like nothing else I had ever heard. I continued purchasing every album Overkill released (after first going back & getting “Feel The Fire”) through to 1993’s “I Hear Black”. Somewhere along the line, they lost me. I have checked in every now & then through “used” purchases from various shops. “W.F.O.”, “The Killing Kind”, “From The Underground…” etc. There are always hits & misses in every release, but no album, as a whole, just being great from beginning to end. I thought the first 5 releases would be the whole of my catalog from Overkill (along with my original vinyl pressing of “F**K YOU”). I was wrong, enter “Ironbound”. Released on February 9, 2010, “Ironbound” is that perfect Overkill album I have been waiting for. From the opening 3 tracks “The Green & The Black”, “Ironbound”, & “Bring Me The Night”… Overkill are relentless. Those 3 tracks alone are worth the purchase. Each will become a thrash metal classic in its own right. The album continues with ferocious tenacity with “Give a Little” which is old-school Bobby doing his near spoken delivery from days past (which also shows up on “Killing for a Living”) & “Endless War” with its twin guitars bringing to mind IRON MAIDEN, through to the closer “The S.R.C. (Subterranean Resistance Cult)”.  The remaining tracks “The Goal is Your Soul”, The Head & The Heart” & “In Vain” round out this absolute brilliant release. No “Power Metal” cuts on this release, like “In Union We Stand” or “Who Tends The Fire”. That is not a critique good or bad. “In Union We Stand” is the first Overkill song I ever heard and I still love it to this day. This album is just amazing Thrash & Speed Metal from beginning to end. If you’re a fan of “Taking Over”, “Under The Influence” or “Horrorscope”, you have got to check it out. I can’t say Overkill are back, because they never left. I left them , and I will never doubt again. GREEN & BLACK FOREVER… LONG LIVE OVERKILL!


4 thoughts on “OVERKILL: IRONBOUND – My take

  1. thanks for the review, i will check it out. i too sort of gave up on overkill. but i will check them out again. i bought the fuck you cd years ago at the flea market for 5 bucks.

    • Nice find on the ep. Like I stated, you won’t be disappointed. I am going to try to put up a review a week. So be on the look out. Later. \m/

  2. Isn’t this Overkill album intense or what? I second your praise… through and through! I picked up each Overkill release through the years, they began to raise the Thrash bar once again with “Relix IV” and right into “Immortalis”. Overkill “Ironbound” is a statement that this band hasn’t lost any Thrash Metal steam… it’s like they are just getting started all over again!

    Enjoyed the review! Long live Overkill!

    Stone \m/

    • This is my favorite “Motorcycle Metal” release this year. Some music just goes with bikes, beer, and babes (my wife only of course)… and this is THE album so far. Never gets old and never gets loud ENOUGH!!!

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