BLOOD & METAL EP from GOD OF WAR III Collector’s Edition – My take

I recently picked up the “Collectors Edition” of the PS3 game, GOD OF WAR III. Included with all the other goodies is a download code for an EP entitled Blood & Metal. The all the artist seem to be on the Roadrunner label. First off is Killswitch Engage with “My Obsession”. Nothing new from these guys. It seems that KE has found a formula that works, and don’t plan to stray too far from it. If you dig these guys, you’ll dig this track.

Next up is Trivium with “Shattering The Skies Above”. This features their new drummer, Nick Augusto. He must have pumped some blood in the band, because this is one of the most ferocious tracks I’ve heard from them in a while. It’s brutal, melodic, intense… If this is Trivium’s current direction, we are in for a treat with the new album. It most definitely is a logical progression (if not a leap ahead) from Shogun.

Next up are the Kings of Progressive Metal, Dream Theater. Unlike the other bands, they decided to go with an instrumental in the way of “Raw Dog”. It is technical, fast, with a dizzying display of talent and speed form the veteran musicians. It is nothing new from DT, but it is really good.

Next up is a band I’ve heard about, but never listened too, Taking Dawn. Their track, “This is Madness” is obviously inspired by, and about, the film (or graphic novel) 300. It fits in perfectly with the theme of, not only the EP, but the game itself. Taking Dawn remind me of the kind of bands that went under the radar beck in the mid to late 80’s, like Warlord or Tyrant. Heavy, melodic, with some almost Thrash Metal elements at times. Based on this track alone, I will pick their new album Time To Burn.

Next up is one the greatest bands in the world of Metal right now, Opeth. This track, entitled “Throat of Winter”, is a slow, melodic, eclectic, entirely clean vocal track. On first listen, it sounds like it is almost a pieced together song of different acoustic ideas. Upon further listens, and a reading of the lyric, you understand the structuring of the track. It is an interesting addition to an already brilliant catalog.

The market EP ends with a track from the band Mutiny Within, appropriately entitled “The End”. Mutiny Within are the result of what would happen if Killswitch Engaged dialed back the “growling” vocals, adopted Dream Theater’s progressive approach to music, and actually made it work. These guys are simply incredible. Another band whose album I will check out, based on this track alone.

For purchasers of the GOD OF WAR IIICollectors Edition”, we get a bonus track. It is a little oddity from a band called The Turtlenecks, and the song is entitled “Even Gods Cry”. This song is really funny. It is a mid-tempo, almost “Folk-Pop” song about the GOD OF WAR series. It is quite obviously a parody and I just could not stop laughing when I first heard it. That’s really all I can say about that. I did a quick search on the band and could not come up with anything concrete on who they actually are.

In conclusion, the Blood & Metal EP is a very cool release, and just slamming if you dig Heavy Metal the way I do. It is only available as a digital download, so there is no excuse for not hearing these great tunes by the end of the day. Thanks for reading. \m/


2 thoughts on “BLOOD & METAL EP from GOD OF WAR III Collector’s Edition – My take

  1. I like Mutiny Within quite a bit. You are very accurate in describing their sound/style. For a bunch of young guys, they really “get it” and make me feel relieved there is yet another band out there that will take the torch of Metal and carry it on!

    RoadRunner Records seems to have a knack for finding great talent… both young and Old School, IMO. A huge chunk of the bands I buy up are either on RoadRunner Records or Century Media/Nuclear Blast. E1 Music has taken on some great bands this past year, with Overkill, High On Fire and Satyricon to just name a few.

    This compilation swelters with some very cool bands… a fine breakdown you have offered up!

    Stone \m/

    • Thanks for the comment. My only disagreement with the compilation was the order of the track list. I re-ordered to flow better. my track list is:
      1] Killswitch Engage
      2] Trivium
      3] Mutiny Within
      4] Taking Dawn
      5] Opeth
      6] Dream Theater
      7] The Turtlenecks

      It just seems to work for me. When I ride my bike in to work, it is my soundtrack on the way to & from now.

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