SHARK ISLAND: LAW OF THE ORDER (retro review) – My take

So this little gem came out in late 1989 and was a great find. It was released by Epic records right before they started avoiding everything that was happy, melodic, and not wearing flannel. Shark Island have a great AOR sound. The singer, Richard Black, is of the Paul Shortino & Mark Free school of Hard Rock singers. He has a terrific voice that definitely exudes a lot of charisma. The first track “Paris Calling”, I believe was also a single. I never saw a video for it, but years later, I did catch the video for “Bad For Each Other” which is cut #4. So it seems Epic/CBS attempted to promote the band somewhat, but they never really took off. Though, Richard Black went on to some prominence as the singer for the failed supergroup CONTRABAND, that featured in its ranks Michael Schenker (from Scorpions & MSG), Tracii Guns (from Guns N’ Roses & L.A. Guns) on Guitars, Share Pedersen (from Vixen) on Bass, & Bobby Blotzer (from Ratt) on Drums. Back to SHARK ISLAND, the album “Law of The Order” is a great album for those who love bands like HOUSE of LORDS & KING KOBRA. With hard rockers like “Spellbound” & “Somebody’s Falling”, sleaze songs like “Shake For Me” & “Get Some Strange”, and of course the prerequisite ballads in the aforementioned “Bad For Each Other” & “Why Should I Believe”… you can’t go wrong with this release. Also, the band featured in its ranks the guitarist Spencer Sercombe. For you guitar aficionados, he worked for B.C. Rich guitars and helped design the very popular “Warlock” model. He also was a member of another brilliant, but ultimately doomed band, RIVERDOGS. I highly recommend checking this album out. The album is out of print, but available at digital media sites.                                         


3 thoughts on “SHARK ISLAND: LAW OF THE ORDER (retro review) – My take

    • I remember we both really loved this album. Your right about Contraband, that is a great way to put it, it just wasn’t as positive and fun as the Shark Island release. That is a cool find on the t-shirt. I am a bit envious.

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