THE WRAITH Soundtrack: 2 of the top 5 soundtracks of the 80’s – My Take

When it comes to movie soundtracks, it is hard to touch to 80’s. I recently posted a blog about my admiration for the soundtrack for IRON EAGLE. I stated it is one of my TOP 5 soundtracks form the Eighties. Another on that list would be the soundtrack for the movie THE WRAITH from 1986. It takes place in Arizona and is about a kid who is murdered by a group of Car Racers. The kid comes back as a Wraith and kills the group of racers, one by one, in an act of systematic vengeance. Kind of like “The Crow meets The Fast and The Furious”… before either of those existed. This soundtrack plays a heavy role in the movie. The album is full of Guitar/Synthesizer tracks from soundtrack artist like Stan Bush (Transformers ’86), Tim Feehan (License to Kill ‘89), and Ian Hunter (Teachers ’84). This blog is about the Hard & Heavy standout tracks like “Secret Loser” by Ozzy Osbourne. The track originally appears on Ozzy’s album “The Ultimate Sin”. Anyone who is reading this blog knows the track, but in case you don’t… It is typical Ozzy fair from the 80’s, with Jake E. Lee laying down some amazing work on guitar, a terrific track. Next up is “Smokin’ in The Boys Room”. I believe, with the exception on “Home Sweet Home”, everyone knows this cover of the Brownsville Station classic that originally appeared on The Crue’s 3rd album “Theatre of Pain”. Those 2 tracks ruled the Summer of ’85.  The next Heavy track is the 1st of 2 songs from the ever incredible LION.Powerlove” is just a FANTASTIC track from these guys. Originally appearing on LION’s “Dangerous Attraction” album, it even spawned a video for MTV. It has a great, upbeat, AOR vibe that can not be denied. Following LION is the “always should have been bigger” band HONEYMOON SUITE with the song “Those Were The Days”. A sincere sounding ballad from the boys that hail from the Great White North. The song only appears on this soundtrack. After that, we get another song from LION in the form of “Never Surrender”. This is a fast driving, meant for an action movie, pile driver of a song. It also appears on the “Dangerous Attraction” album. The album is finishes out with tracks from Billy Idol (Rebel Yell) & Bonnie Tyler (Matter of The Heart). Like IRON EAGLE, I can jam this soundtrack in total because of the layout of the tracks. Songs I would not normally choose to listen too, flow easily because of the overall vibe of the compilation. Unlike IRON EAGLE, this soundtrack is no longer in print. It is a hard find, but some digital download sites have it available for those who will be happy with a digital copy. If you have never seen this Sci-FI Action classic, do yourself a favor and change that. It features a young Charlie Sheen, Nick Cassavetes (Director of John Q & Alpha Dog), Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks), with Clint Howard & Randy Quaid. It has some great racing scenes on the highways of Tucson, Arizona and is just a lot of fun. Thanks for reading.


IRON EAGLE Soundtrack: 1 of the top 5 soundtracks of the 80’s – My Take

This is one the 5 best soundtracks from the 80’s to one of the cheesiest movies from the 80’s. I will be unveiling the other 4 soundtracks over the next few weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I, along with my best friend Robbie, are Iron Eagle fans (at least the 1st movie). What makes this movie for me is the soundtrack. It is just fantastic fun. My boy Rob on the other hand, can’t admit how much he loves music he would otherwise scoff at. You know you LOVE it… but I digress. As of now, in Alabama, the warm weather is rolling in, the scent of Jasmine & Honeysuckle are in the air and it makes me nostalgic of when I would ride around in my ’78 Camaro, with my windows down, blaring Hard & Heavy music Loud & Proud. One of my favorites as a teenager was the IRON EAGLE soundtrack. Nowadays I grab my tiny wife, hop on my bike (2003 V Star 1100 custom), put in my iPod earbuds, and cruise the back roads to this glorious compilation from the Rock Gods. If you aren’t familiar with it, let me see if I can help you out. The first track is “One Vision” by QUEEN. Until the “A Kind of Magic” album was released, this soundtrack was the only way it was available. If I remember correctly, it is the only time all 4 Queen Members had a hand in writing a single song. I am sure you know the song and it ROCKS!! Track 2 is from the excellent AOR hard rock band, KING KOBRA, entitled “Never Say Die (Iron Eagle)”, it is the quintessential movie song. Fist pumping, regal keyboards, and the “me against the world” lyric. It also appears on KING KOBRA’s final album with Mark Free “Thrill of a Lifetime”. Great AOR album. Track 3 is from a pre-MR. BIG Eric Martin. The song “These Are The Good Times” is actually 1 of 2 tracks from the movie, but this is the only Eric Martin song put on the soundtrack. It is a good mid-tempo, radio-friendly, Eric Carmen type song, to be honest. Track 6 is from the legend himself, Ronnie James and his band DIO. They put out one of the best DIO songs you will ever hear, on this album. It is called “Hide in The Rainbow”. For one, it plays really well in the movie, when Doug is on his own, and he thinks his father is dead, this song comes creeping in like darkness as Doug goes on his attack run. It’s AWESOME! The track also appeared on an import DIO compilation called “DIAMONDS-The Best of DIO”. That song is followed up by a band that, I believe, never got their due… HELIX’s “It’s Too Late” is a great song, not just for HELIX, just in general. The track originally appeared on HELIX’s 1981 release “White Lace & Black Leather”. Typical HELIX in its great guitar riffage and sing-along chorus. I wish people would have paid more attention to bands of their caliber, than mistakes like POISON, but that’s for another time. Next up is the band ADRENALIN with “Road of The Gypsy”. This is another very cool, AOR track from a band that embraced the “Arena Rock” sound. A singer like Bob Segar and a sound like latter day .38 Special. The final track is stated to be from the band Jon Butcher Axis entitled “The Raging Fire”. Here’s the thing about this song… it is actually KING KOBRA. The band Jon Butcher Axis was signed to Capitol at the time (the label that distributed the soundtrack), but the track is by KING KOBRA. With the aforementioned “Never Say Die (Iron Eagle)”, it also appears on KING KOBRA’s “Thrill of a Lifetime” album. I don’t know how, or why, this happened. Even when the soundtrack began being pressed to Compact Disc, the mistake was never corrected. It actually sounds so different to the typical KING KOBRA sound, one can’t really tell it is the same band. The song writing and lyric seem more mature than what passed for normal KING KOBRA fare. I had never heard of Jon Butcher Axis, so I thought it was that band. When I got “Thrill of a Lifetime”, I was floored to see the song on the album. I figured it was KING KOBRA’s version, but it is the same recording that appears on the soundtrack. Excellent AOR song though. Tracks from Katrina & The Waves (Maniac House), George Clinton (Intense), and Urgent (Love Can Make You Cry), round out this primarily Hard Rock soundtrack. Surprisingly, it is still readily available from Amazon and other retailers, for a great price (on average $7.99 for the CD). This is truly a “Good Times & Party Hearty” soundtrack. If you know it, you love it. If you don’t, check it out. If you love Hard Rock & Heavy Metal from the Reagan era… you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for reading. \m/