BLACK ROSES Soundtrack: 3 of the top 5 soundtracks of the 80’s – My Take

Hey guys, its been a while. I was thinking, before the Summer ends its reign of heat & humidity over us, I should finish my “Top 5 Favorite Soundtracks from the 80’s”. I have already posted 2 of them [Iron Eagle & The Wraith} so let’s do another. This time out I would like to show my appreciation for the glorious soundtrack for the 1988 B-Movie horror flick Black Roses. The best thing about the soundtrack are the original songs for the fictional Black Roses band. The band in the movie is made up of actors, with one exception, Carmine Appice (ex-King Kobra, ex-Blue Murder). He plays the drummer for the band of demons, who can hypnotize people with their music. His characters’ name is Vinny Apache. Those of you in the know, get the joke.

The movie is absolutely terrible, but the soundtrack is excellent. The studio band Black Roses is made up of the aforementioned Carmine Appice, Mark Free (ex-King Kobra) on Vocals, Chuck Wright (ex-Quiet Riot) on Bass, and Mick Sweda (ex-BulletBoys) on Guitar. I am a big fan of Mark Free’s voice, which was my reason for obtaining the soundtrack. One note about this soundtrack, it is very King Kobra heavy. In addition to the 4 tracks featuring the drummer, guitarist, & singer from that band, there are also the tracks Take It Off [King Kobra], & King Of Kool [David Michael Phillips: ex-King Kobra]. The 4 original Black Roses tunes on the soundtrack are great. Fans of Mark Free’s AOR vocal style form King Kobra, as well as the first Unruly Child album, have a good idea what these songs will sound like. Dance on Fire, Soldiers of The Night, & Rock Invasion are exactly what you would expect from a band consisting of these particular artist… great songs, terrific melody, very AOR friendly. The ballad Paradise [We’re On Our Way] is as beautiful as it is cheesy. Also on the soundtrack we have material from such varied artist as Bang Tango [I’m No Stranger], sleaze rock in the vein of L.A. Guns. Shock Rocker Lizzy Borden [Me Against the World] also on the Visual Lies release. Thrash Metal monsters Hallows Eve [D.I.E.] also on the release Death and Insanity. And finally, Christianity’s answer to Power Metal, religious rockers Tempest [Streetlife Warrior].

Unfortunately, the soundtrack has been long out of print. It can be found on Vinyl, Cassette, as well as CD. If you wish to own the CD, be prepared to pay a lot. The movie is still available on DVD from Amazon, and other outlets, as well as for rental from Netflix. See ya next time.