Random Thoughts 12/1/2011

Here are some thoughts I am having:

I recently have been put on a medication for depression. It seems to have really helped. My wife tells me I have not spoken of dying, or wished that I were dead, since I began the medication. I still feel that I am almost trying to fall into a depression, but my mind is not allowing me to, and that is a great thing. I am not a happy person for the most part. I am found to be a funny person, and I will take that over being happy any day. I still hate my boss; let’s call him Ham, mostly because he hates me. This Church Deacon, who prides himself a good Christian man, treats me as if I single-handily created slavery. He is dismissive, petty, cruel, intolerant, and just plain mean. He knows this, other people see this, and I know I could make a case to Human Resources about it, but I don’t want to. I just want him to act like a Human Being and ask himself… What Would Jesus Do? I am lucky I don’t have to do that. I treat people the way I wish to be treated and it works out pretty good most of the time. I suspect he is the kind of person that has to be reminded to be a good person because that what he is supposed to do.

That is another problem I have religion. People, who are good at Heart, are good in spite of their religion, not because of it. They should know that. Weak people need to be reminded to be good. Bad people need to give themselves rules to be good because their nature dictates otherwise. A good person is a good person… period.

Also, I support whole-heartedly the occupy Wall Street movement, though, the one place they need to occupy is the White House lawn. The news is telling average people everyday the truth the rest of us have known for a long time. The Police are being used to break up these peaceful demonstrations using Riot gear and Pepper spray. The powers that be are letting you know that they don’t have to listen to you and it is OK for the top 1 percent to own nearly 50 percent of the wealth. Nothing will change until there is a true revolution. Change will not come though peace, but through violence. It shouldn’t have to be that way, but history dictates that is the only way real change occurs, and regimes are toppled.

So comes another Christmas holiday. I loathe Christmas and everything it stands for. In Europe, Christmas was a Mass for Christ. I am totally against anything that celebrates Christianity or other poisonous religions. In the United States, Christmas was originally banned by the Puritans (or as I call them “Super Christians”) who came to the new world, because, Christmas had become a time for celebrating and engaging in, debauchery. Christmas was resurrected in the mid 1800’s and eventually became a celebration dedicated to children and commerce. That’s right, the real reason for the season in the United States… Shopping!


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