When a “Mistake” is not a mistake

I was listening to NPR this morning and I heard a story about a former currency trader John Rusnak, who committed one of the largest bank frauds in history. He racked up nine-figure losses at Baltimore’s Allfirst Bank before he got caught and was sent to prison. Upon his release from prison, he is not only reformed, but, is helping others by helping them to get jobs upon their release. The problem I have with all of this is something he said during the interview. He said “I know I can never make up for the mistakes I have made… ” blah,blah, blah. Let’s get this straight. He isn’t apologizing for losing millions of dollars by betting on the Yen… Yes, now that was a mistake. He is apologizing for covering it up, cooking the books, and lying to people (some of who attended the same church as he) for nearly 4 years. THAT is his supposed mistake. That is not a mistake… that is straight up deceit and deception with purpose. I sometimes, catch a hard time from some of those close to me for being so particular about grammar. Language is the best tool we have for communicating to the world, and each other, and we should be particular about every word we choose to use. Don’t get me wrong… I, above most, am guilty of misusing words at one point or another. But, this guy referring to his wrong doings as a “mistake” is systemic in the culture.


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