A few observations from the last month or so

A couple of Facebook clients have posted Meme’s, Articles, etc. that have been called out by others. Don’t get me wrong, I do this kinda thing also, but, when I post something I think is funny or incendiary, I actually put that in the post. These guys, after being questioned and put to task by me, others, etc. claim “I posted it as joke to see what kind of reaction it would get”. Really, that is your idea of entertainment? It seems like an asshole action to set people up just so you can say “Gotcha Moron”. If you honestly started with that premise, it doesn’t diminish the intent by making that reason clear. I believe it to be an automatic defense mechanism so one does not look foolish. Everyone makes mistakes, own it. If it is sincere, stand behind it. The “joke” posting tend to mirror the worldview of the poster. I don’t know, maybe my brilliant sense of comedy is too refined… or not enough.

Another thing [and this may be generational thing] is significant others coming to the defense of an internet poster. I don’t care if you’re male or female, married or dating; nothing is more pathetic than your “better half” feeling entitled to post a defending set of remarks on your behalf. It is just sad. You haven’t been physically attacked, sexually assaulted, publicly humiliated… it’s just an exchange of opinions on the internet. But, these people believe they have the right to interject themselves into a situation that has nothing to do with them. It is not just your favorite poster who feels this way. I have friends, a couple of guys who are brothers, a woman who works with my wife… wow, just many others who feel this way. Thinking about it now, it is not generational. A douche-nozzle I used to hang out with started dating this fat-ass ginger c**t, whatever he had as balls shrank into oblivion after he started dating her. She had problems with me, some mutual friends, etc. He pulled back from everyone who disagreed with her or stood up to her. The other side of that, I know this young woman, let’s call her Poison Ivy, who would never let her husband defend her as she can hold her own. It must just be a measurement of intestinal fortitude. Anyway, if you can’t take some ribbing from the internet, maybe take a class, do some yoga, watch some “Ellen” and close yourself off to any and all challenges.

Lastly, I posted about an exchange that happened where, essentially, someone was deliberately trying to offend me. I don’t get offended, because it solves nothing. Though, when some deliberately tries to offend me, I react aggressively, not because I am offended, simply because I have been attacked. Anyway,  it was put to me “Okay, let’s say I get to the end of my life and I decide there is no god, I have still lead a moral life” I replied “As have I, at least in last 17 years, have lead a moral life.” They replied “I don’t know that.” Me: “I don’t know that about you either. I just have to go by how you conduct yourself”. Them: “I am a Christian, I am moral. Someone who doesn’t believe in god has no morals because they don’t believe in good or evil, right or wrong.” Simply staggering ignorance from an otherwise “kinda smart” person. I have never raped a child or adult, never murdered a person in cold blood, never taken money from the poor, etc. Though by this person’s definition, plenty of “moral” believers in god have. He said they weren’t believers, they just said they were. My statement “So I take it YOU are just “saying” you are a believer because, as to your reasoning, I have seen nothing to suggest otherwise, with the exception of your actions which you have implied don’t matter”. I don’t make it easy on myself.