A Past and Future Promise

I wrote this a few years ago, before I was medicated. I found it in my files and I thought I would share it as I still, whole-hardheartedly, agree with its sentiment, even if I have become a better writer and much less vitriolic.

A short story of justice and vengeance:

In the time of my ancestors [Danes of Southern Scandinavia], the local authorities of our community, wanted to be in favor with the European Church [around the 9th century]. When certain communities refused to submit to the Church, our people were beaten and murdered, women raped, children kidnapped and enslaved to force our submission. One form of torture was to take live snakes and force them down the throats of men who would not submit. Our places of worship were burned to the ground and Christian churches were erected in their place on hallowed earth.

If these crimes happened in the last 5 years, you would probably understand the animosity and disdain a people would have against the church and its supporters. Since these crimes happened hundreds of years ago, I guess we are supposed to let it go and accept that Christianity is NOW, at least, a peaceful religion. I do not accept that. How are these crimes any less heinous or disgusting simply because of the wealth of time between when they happened and where we are now? I agreed with the church burnings in Norway back in the 90’s, but, for the wrong reasons. I agreed simply because I loathe organized religion. Lately, I have come to see them as what they were… a manifesto against Christianity and its war against Scandinavia and our pagan culture. I don’t believe in Tyr, Odin, Thor or any of the other gods, but, they represent something wonderful from my families past. I wear the symbol around my neck to honor that past.

I am well aware the greatest threat to this world right now are Muslim “Extremist” [which just means a committed Muslim] who are doing now, what Christians did then. Understand, I don’t care if your god is real or not, he sanctioned the murder and attempted genocide of an entire culture because it was in conflict with the church. The Pope is God’s representative on Earth; the Non-Catholic churches still answer to the same god and therefore give acceptance to the churches history and its atrocities. Anyone who reads this will most likely roll their eyes or see it as a mindless rant, but, it matters to me. I will never accept the church, or its authority. This will be evidence that I will never accept the Christian god, or jesus, as my gods. My death will be my own and not a sacrifice to lies and deceit.


How Donald Trump became President

How did Trump win? I didn’t want Donald Trump as President, but even moreso, I didn’t want Hillary Clinton as President, but, those were the choices. How did someone like Donald Trump win? Here are a few of reasons…
Everytime you called someone racist- that’s a vote for Trump
Everytime you called someone sexist- that’s a vote for Trump
Everytime you called someone a misogynist- that’s a vote for Trump
Everytime you insulted Christians but gave a pass to Muslims-
that’s a vote for Trump
Everytime you censor speech- that’s a vote for Trump
Everytime you insult the United States and burn our flag- that’s a vote for Trump
Everytime you gave healthcare to an illegal while a tax-paying veteran suffered or died waiting for an appointment at the V.A.-
that’s a vote for Trump
Everytime you blame White People for the ills of this country-
that’s a vote for Trump
Everytime you deface a Confederate Monument and insult our heritage-
that’s a vote for Trump
Everytime Black Lives Matter called for Police deaths, blocked traffic, insulted the idea that ALL LIVES MATTER and called it racist-
that’s a Vote for Trump
Everytime you celebrate a criminal and ignore the victims
that’s a vote for Trump
You lied, cheated, broke the law, ignored ethics,insulted and badgered TRUMP into power. YOU did this. Quit crying and rioting and stand proud behind your work.


 So… a big “Hey there!” and “How have you been?” to the 3 or 4 people that read this blog. It has been a while since I have written. When my job intrudes on my life, it tends to do it in a big way. I just wanted to write a little something about the month of June, in  particular, June 1970. In June 1970, on the 24th day… I opted to join the Human Race. I was born in a very large, small town in Alabama. The town is not all that different, politically and spiritually (if a town can have one of those), than when I was born. I no longer live there, but I work there. Here is a little bit about my hometown. The most popular forms of music are Country, Pop, & Hip-Hop… in that order. Politicians run smear ads against their opponents, accusing them of believing in Evolution and not believing that the Bible is the inerrant word of God. I AM NOT JOKING! It is legal to Marry a 2nd cousin in my hometown. You get the idea. I hated growing up in that place. I don’t have one friend from childhood, even though I lived there, or near there, most of my life. The friends I have now are people I met, as an adult, who knew how to grow-up and be adult. I didn’t like children when I was younger, and I am not exactly fond of them now… but I digress. I was, and in some ways still am, a Pariah. No one sets out to be that, but I have become that never the less. I state all that to state this. Much like when GOD created Adam and realized what a miserable existence Adam would have without a mate, he also created Eve. The fates seemed to have a similar realization when I was born. On the 24th of June, I came into a world where the number 1 single was “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon & Garfunkle and the heaviest bands on the planet at the time (as far as the United States was concerned) was Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple. It seems the fates decided “that will not be enough for the new citizen” and on June 30th, less than a week later, the fates bestowed upon The United States of America the beginning of the truest, and purest, form of music. The music that is the truth when all other music is proven false. The music that celebrates Power, Strength, and Honor, when all other music is just fodder for punchlines and soundtracks for the weak. The forefathers of what would become known as “Heavy Metal” unleashed on American soil their dark masterpiece “Black Sabbath” by the band Black Sabbath. Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Gezzer Butler, and Bill Ward brought into the world, a new era of music. Now, 40 years later, the album which clocks in at just under 40 minutes, is still regarded as one of the finest examples of Heavy Metal music, as it should be. Anyone who listens to Heavy Metal and understands it to be the example of what music should aspire to be and embrace the genre as their own, knows that album. It was the forerunner for bands like KISS, Judas Priest, Motorhead, etc. Black Sabbath brought to us so much more over the years. Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P.), Tony Martin, the Devil Horns (courtesy of RJD). And inspiring artist as diverse as Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) and Hip-Hop artist ICE-T. I could go on and on. I just want to show appreciation to the Universe, Fate, Kismet, whatever… for allowing me to exist in a time where Heavy Metal is an art form. I could not imagine my life without it. As long as I have been alive, there has been Heavy Metal, and long after I am gone, it will still be here. LONG LIVE HEAVY METAL!!!!!!!

WARREL DANE: Praises to the War Machine – My take

I am of the belief that Warrel Dane (Sanctuary/Nevermore) is one of the finest vocalist in Metal. Not just today, but ever! I met Mr. Dane back in 1990 when, his then band, Sanctuary were on tour with Fates Warning. He was one of the nicest people I met. Both Sanctuary & Fates Warning were just wonderful to us. My buddy Dave had scored us “all-access permission” and we took full advantage. We stayed out-of-the-way and , when the opportunity presented itself, talked with the bands. Side note: The opening act was Dead On, who replaced Powermad on the second leg of the tour. I was so disappointed. Wally is phenomenal live. Everything he can do studio-wise, he can execute live. I saw Nevermore 3 years back opening for Opeth. Wally can still bring it live. Again, he is one of the most brilliantly talented vocalist in Metal. Now, I can say, in music as a whole. He recently released his first solo album entitled “Praises to The War Machine”. This is what a solo album should be for a singer who is so associated with a particular style of music, or a band in general. He performs songs on the album that would never see the light of day in Nevermore. Somber tracks like “This Old Man”, where my heart hurts for the gentleman who Warrel is singing about. And “August” is a dire song about the loss of someone special, and the agony of laying them to rest. The album begins with a track that could have been performed by Nevermore, entitled “When We Pray” where Warrel voices his disdain for those who believe more in praying than doing. For me, the highlight of the album is two-fold. On the somber side is the track entitled “Brother”. I almost revel in this track. It is dark and overwhelming in its despair. I feel the bitterness of a family lost after the death of a patriarch. On the more aggressive side is the track “The Day The Rats Went to War”. What a phenomenal song. It features the legendary James Murphy (Death, Disincarnate, Testament) on guitar. It is Warrel Dane professing his viewpoint on, not only war, but its consequences to those who have no control, and no choice, but to fight. Also of note is a brilliant cover of the Sisters of Mercy song “Lucretia My Reflection”. I can’t help but sing along every time it plays. After such a terrific first outing, I hope this is not the last we hear from Warrel Dane solo wise. I can’t express enough, if you dig Nevermore or Sanctuary, you must check this out… you won’t be disappointed. If you dig Dane’s voice, but believe Nevermore is too brutal, I think you’ll like this album. It is a showcase for a truly gifted artist with a one-of-a-kind voice. Thanks for reading. \m/