Interview with Frank Herbert & David Lynch (1983)

The Price of Metal

This is one of those cool artifacts from the Eighties. My Mom and I [I was about 13 years old] went into a Bookland at, a now abandoned, Montgomery Mall. I asked my Mom to buy me the cassette because it looked Sci-Fi [I didn’t know what DUNE was], and she did. I took it home, listened to the interview, and didn’t understand most of it. As I grew older, I kept listening to it [13, 14, 15 etc. you get the idea] and it had a huge influence on me and set the stage for who I would eventually become. This is one of my favorite possessions, and now, I share it with you.


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I actually like writing a blog. I do it every so often, but I enjoy it. The current blog of the moment is simply based on my point of view and whatever mood I am in. In all honesty, my brain doesn’t work just right, and sometimes, I go off the rails. Reading through the blogs, it may seem I am bi-polar bordering on full-blown schizophrenia, though I am not. I tend to speak the same way I write, to say, honestly. I am not necessarily an honest person, but, I have no problems speaking my mind or telling the truth… when it suits me. I am a fierce, combative, confrontational [when provoked] Atheist. My wish is not to offend, truly. The only thing that gets on my nerves more than pious religious a**holes are pretentious arrogant atheists. I tend to piss them off more than believers. I also write about the music I love, films I adore, and television shows I find worthy of recording, and whatever random thoughts are swimming through the nebula I refer to as my mind. I hope you dig the blog and, please, leave a comment [positive or negative] and again, welcome. The eyes belong to the her. She. Goddess… the reason I am still alive. Everything is dedicated to her.

When a “Mistake” is not a mistake

I was listening to NPR this morning and I heard a story about a former currency trader John Rusnak, who committed one of the largest bank frauds in history. He racked up nine-figure losses at Baltimore’s Allfirst Bank before he got caught and was sent to prison. Upon his release from prison, he is not only reformed, but, is helping others by helping them to get jobs upon their release. The problem I have with all of this is something he said during the interview. He said “I know I can never make up for the mistakes I have made… ” blah,blah, blah. Let’s get this straight. He isn’t apologizing for losing millions of dollars by betting on the Yen… Yes, now that was a mistake. He is apologizing for covering it up, cooking the books, and lying to people (some of who attended the same church as he) for nearly 4 years. THAT is his supposed mistake. That is not a mistake… that is straight up deceit and deception with purpose. I sometimes, catch a hard time from some of those close to me for being so particular about grammar. Language is the best tool we have for communicating to the world, and each other, and we should be particular about every word we choose to use. Don’t get me wrong… I, above most, am guilty of misusing words at one point or another. But, this guy referring to his wrong doings as a “mistake” is systemic in the culture.

My disdain for Christianty and its followers

These are post I have made elsewhere showing my disdain for Christianty and its followers.

August 3, 2012

The main thing I want from Christians is consistency. If you are against Homosexuals, and, Homosexual Marriage then be pure in your righteous indignation. Push to repeal the Emancipation Proclamation. Overturn the 1967 Supreme Court Decision to allow Interracial Marriage, in spite of vehement protest from churches all over the United States [especially The South]. Get together and repeal The Equal Rights Amendment, and most importantly, restore Segregation to our schools and communities. All of the progressive advancements listed happened “in spite” of christianity and religion, not because of it.

April 3, 2012

The Christian Right has always been on the wrong side of History. When it comes to Slavery, Women’s Rights, Interracial Marriage, they always use the “Good Book” to justify their fears and hatreds. They again, align themselves on the wrong side once more when it comes to the equal rights of Homosexuals. I implore all Christians to continue being the ignorant, uneducated, cretins I know you to be. With every passing generation, your stranglehold on this country will diminish and, eventually, we will have a nation that believes more in Critical Thinking than in a Magical Jew and his Imaginary Dad.

February 15, 2012

Until the Stain of Religion [Judaism, Christianity, & Islam] is removed from the Earth, this planet will never know peace. I have no sympathy for these people. In spite of being shown how wrong they are in the archaic beliefs of their respective religions, they refuse to accept facts, and in turn, embrace faith. No tolerance or respect should be given to those that lack simple intelligence and understanding. For it is easier to remain stupid, than to be educated… the religious choose the path of least resistance every time.

January 16, 2012

“If history teaches us anything, it is simply this: every revolution carries within it the seeds of its own destruction. And empires that rise, will one day fall..”

Princess Irulan “Children of Dune”irulan


I water and care for those seeds sewn thousands of years ago by the followers of the Nazarene. Their end is at hand, their apocalypse is nigh and it will not be the selfish celebration of war they are promised in that book of lies. But, a slow death of realization that prayer won’t answer and hatred won’t conquer. Their weapons will be shown hollow and their truth will be exposed as myth. They will falter and fade away.

The Beloved High Nobel of Strength

I pledge alliegiance…

The United States, once a Republic, so fragile that its strength was no more than a whisper, is now a fascist State in the guise of a Democracy. It is to no longer be trusted because of the corruption of her Politicians, and the idiocy of her citizens. An experiment in the beauty of Secularism and Freedom has decayed into a bloated carcass of Religious Zealots and Immoral Leaders. The fragility of the dream of what could have been has collapsed and in its place stands an Ignorant Tyrant. Its fall is at hand and its reign nearly over. What will rise in its place is a Mystery, though hopefully, not a Tragedy.

                                                                                              The Beloved High 574895_405092092920427_1172359706_nNobel of Strength


Christmas, Christians, and The United States

I have seen my brother’s sister Barbara, and others, post over & over “Jesus is the reason for the Season”. Just so you know… he actually isn’t. CHILDREN are the “reason for the season” in the United States. Christmas was a time a drunken debauchery and was actually banned in the U.S. for decades. Only when it was decided to reinstate Christmas as a time for celebrating children, giving them gifts, and boosting the economy through shopping, was Christmas reinstated as a Holiday. FACT upon FACT I just gave you. On top of all that, this season is actually known as The Winter Solstice and is celebrated as Saturnalia. You now know something you didn’t before. My gift to you… Merry Christmas.