A Past and Future Promise

I wrote this a few years ago, before I was medicated. I found it in my files and I thought I would share it as I still, whole-hardheartedly, agree with its sentiment, even if I have become a better writer and much less vitriolic.

A short story of justice and vengeance:

In the time of my ancestors [Danes of Southern Scandinavia], the local authorities of our community, wanted to be in favor with the European Church [around the 9th century]. When certain communities refused to submit to the Church, our people were beaten and murdered, women raped, children kidnapped and enslaved to force our submission. One form of torture was to take live snakes and force them down the throats of men who would not submit. Our places of worship were burned to the ground and Christian churches were erected in their place on hallowed earth.

If these crimes happened in the last 5 years, you would probably understand the animosity and disdain a people would have against the church and its supporters. Since these crimes happened hundreds of years ago, I guess we are supposed to let it go and accept that Christianity is NOW, at least, a peaceful religion. I do not accept that. How are these crimes any less heinous or disgusting simply because of the wealth of time between when they happened and where we are now? I agreed with the church burnings in Norway back in the 90’s, but, for the wrong reasons. I agreed simply because I loathe organized religion. Lately, I have come to see them as what they were… a manifesto against Christianity and its war against Scandinavia and our pagan culture. I don’t believe in Tyr, Odin, Thor or any of the other gods, but, they represent something wonderful from my families past. I wear the symbol around my neck to honor that past.

I am well aware the greatest threat to this world right now are Muslim “Extremist” [which just means a committed Muslim] who are doing now, what Christians did then. Understand, I don’t care if your god is real or not, he sanctioned the murder and attempted genocide of an entire culture because it was in conflict with the church. The Pope is God’s representative on Earth; the Non-Catholic churches still answer to the same god and therefore give acceptance to the churches history and its atrocities. Anyone who reads this will most likely roll their eyes or see it as a mindless rant, but, it matters to me. I will never accept the church, or its authority. This will be evidence that I will never accept the Christian god, or jesus, as my gods. My death will be my own and not a sacrifice to lies and deceit.


How Donald Trump became President

How did Trump win? I didn’t want Donald Trump as President, but even moreso, I didn’t want Hillary Clinton as President, but, those were the choices. How did someone like Donald Trump win? Here are a few of reasons…
Everytime you called someone racist- that’s a vote for Trump
Everytime you called someone sexist- that’s a vote for Trump
Everytime you called someone a misogynist- that’s a vote for Trump
Everytime you insulted Christians but gave a pass to Muslims-
that’s a vote for Trump
Everytime you censor speech- that’s a vote for Trump
Everytime you insult the United States and burn our flag- that’s a vote for Trump
Everytime you gave healthcare to an illegal while a tax-paying veteran suffered or died waiting for an appointment at the V.A.-
that’s a vote for Trump
Everytime you blame White People for the ills of this country-
that’s a vote for Trump
Everytime you deface a Confederate Monument and insult our heritage-
that’s a vote for Trump
Everytime Black Lives Matter called for Police deaths, blocked traffic, insulted the idea that ALL LIVES MATTER and called it racist-
that’s a Vote for Trump
Everytime you celebrate a criminal and ignore the victims
that’s a vote for Trump
You lied, cheated, broke the law, ignored ethics,insulted and badgered TRUMP into power. YOU did this. Quit crying and rioting and stand proud behind your work.

An example of Social Media directing Real Relationships

Anyone who knows me knows I have no problem with so-called “cuss-words”. I do not believe in such a thing. When I am writing, I tend to stray away from using them, unless I am infuriated or enraged. The one thing I do not ever engage in is derogatory language, which, is the kind of language that, even if a “cuss-word” is never uttered, the subject itself is just pedestrian and foul. I recently had cause to interject myself, and my “2 cents worth”, into a Facebook thread related to an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge put forth by a friend who we shall call Charlie. Moments into reading this thread, a poster equated autumn to a woman’s vagina, and not in a subtle way. The subsequent posts followed suit, and of course anyone with scruples would hopefully think twice before engaging in such dialogue when you’re posting on a thread dedicated to an ALS Ice Bucket challenge. You would at least think that the moderator would pull down the posts simply because they do not belong there. The same people, along with others, have engaged in such exercises repeatedly, but, the forum itself was dedicated to their subject matter. My wife became so disgusted with the postings; she stopped following the person who she knew, Charlie that engaged in these dialogues. Well, back to the subject at hand… a mutual friend of mine and Charlie, we shall call him Roscoe, was challenged in the video, and tagged in the post, to which alerted Roscoe to the post. Upon reading the thread, Roscoe posted about, since he was tagged, the disgusting thread showed up on his Facebook wall, and he sarcastically “Thanked” all the posters involved who devolved the dialogue into a low-brow discussion when it should have been related to the ALS Challenge. And even though Charlie, and his girlfriend, let’s call her Ginger, were in the same house, she felt the need to let Charlie know, through Facebook, well… read for yourself

Ginger: Hey Charlie , I just blocked Roscoe for being a bitch and unable to censor his Facebook from his kids. In case you were wondering. Fuck that.

Ginger has never, not once, met Roscoe. Roscoe is a single Father of 2 beautiful daughters, he is extremely successful at his job, he is a social magnet for men and women alike, and is one of the nicest, friendliest, most loyal people you would ever want to meet. He is a diplomat and a fighter, and knows how to maneuver between the two. Ginger is a transplant from up North, who is nice enough on the surface, but, essentially bitchy, emotional, and vile when it comes to people who she deems unworthy of her attention. When Ginger made her posting, I made the two subsequent postings.

Brian Price: Roscoe, I had to stop following this page a long time ago for the same reason. I don’t even have any kids. It is one thing to use a derogatory version of our language in person, but, if you can’t take the time to think and articulate your thoughts clearly through writing, I can only assume you don’t have the intellectual prowess to do so. You know I like my boy Charlie, but some of the foul examples of language that spews forth on some of these threads, through exchanges between he and his fellow Facebook citizens, is simply pathetic. Also, his girlfriend Ginger, who placed the previous post, is a nice enough girl, but as you can read, she is no poet, mostly emotion and estrogen.

Brian Price: Also, what Ginger, and Vernon, do not understand is that Roscoe probably wanted to show his oldest Daughter that Charlie had jumped on the bandwagon for a good cause [though it seems because of a demand from his girlfriend and a threat of not being able to sleep in his own bed] and challenged her Father to do the same. He probably had some pride in Charlie for what he was doing… until Roscoe discovered that apparently Charlie and his Facebook populace were mostly foul-mouthed Eighth Graders with a stunted vocabulary and maybe his Daughter shouldn’t purposely be exposed to such intellectual cretins. That is just my guess.

Upon reading this, Ginger not only de-friended me [it seems she can’t handle disagreement] but also de-friended my Wife, supposedly her good friend, and our niece, who she claimed she thought the world of, simply because they were associated with me. That is absolutely deplorable. My wife and niece had nothing to with this thread, never made a comment on it, or about it, yet Ginger made it clear she wants nothing to do with them because they are my family. It looks like Charlie really picked him a nice, reasonable, well-mannered girlfriend in Ginger. When Ginger made the comment, she made sure to block Roscoe quickly, so he could not respond.

Roscoe:  Apparently, I was blocked by her, Price, as I don’t see any post by her (and I’m assuming there was one after mine). This is not a bad thing. Once again, sorry Charlie.

See what I mean about nice, Roscoe apologized to Charlie for the entire matter, not that Roscoe was wrong, but, that this throws a rift into an otherwise sound friendship between Roscoe and Charlie. Roscoe really has nothing to apologize for. I talked to Charlie on the phone and when I said “You should have Roscoe’s back, he is your people. You of all people know he is not a Bitch, yet, you didn’t defend him or just remove the post and dress down Ginger for her behavior: Charlie stated “Roscoe isn’t my people, you know that.” WTF, apparently since Roscoe and Charlie have gone to lunch together a few times, been up to Roscoe’s has a few times, etc… they are not friends. In all of this, Charlie backed the unreasonable actions of his girlfriend, actions that before her, he found spiteful and cowardice. I am no longer friends with Charlie [he has been downgraded to an associate], simply for the fact I now know he can’t be counted on. I knew in my heart of hearts he was a coward, not necessarily a coward, but he has a cowardice nature… though I had hoped being around me, Roscoe, Roscoe’s brother, etc. he would have adopted an Alpha mentality, it seems instead of becoming stronger he chose to be weak. I always wish for a long life for people like this so as they get older, they ponder all the ways they chose to be cowards and weaklings instead of choosing to be strong. I have more to say, but, I will save it for another day.

Random Thoughts 8/24/2009

1] There is a feud going on near Selma, Alabama between 2 families and it is making the national news. THANKS FOR TAKING US BACK 70 YEARS YOU IDIOTS!!!!

2] When did Montgomery get so cool? Queensryche and Alice Cooper are both performing in the month of October at the Montgomery Performing Arts Center. Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac played a solo show at the Davis Theater a  while back. Just AWESOME! Way to go Montgomery.

 3] Football season is almost upon us, that time of year where grown men start talking to each other as if they themselves are a member of the team they support. You know what I’m talking about “We really took it to y’all” or “We ain’t played that good in years”. I don’t get how the triumph or failure of a team directly involves these yahoos, unless they have money on the game or have attended the college. As related to the guys I work with, what I find humorous about the whole thing is that, with the exception of 1 man, none of them have been to college. The one man who has, is a supporter of his college’s rival. I suppose the ones who didn’t attend a college choose to support ones team based on Colors, the Mascot, who their Daddy liked, whatever. I suppose if I chose to support a college team it would be based on cheerleaders and their relative “Hotness”. I guess maybe that is only funny to me.

4] I don’t understand people who don’t accept evolution. I overheard (but did not involve myself with) a conversation about why a man I work with took his child out of public school and decided to have his wife home school her. It is not because the school is in a dangerous area, it is not. It is not because the teachers are unqualified, he speaks highly of them and the school system in general, with one exception. They teach the “Theory of Evolution“. He says, quite ignorantly, that evolution is a theory, not a fact, so why are they teaching it instead of the Genesis Creation story, which is a fact. Let us stop for a moment to learn something new. Here is what you know: A group of Sheep is called a Flock. Also,a group of Crows is called a Murder. Here is what you may NOT know, a group of facts is called a Theory. I know, the one word you can’t use… but there it is. Here is the actual definition, as it relates to Science – A set of statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts or phenomena, especially one that has been repeatedly tested or is widely accepted and can be used to make predictions about natural phenomena.For example, we all know that germs cause disease, they cause you to get sick. We know it is not demons that have taken up residence inside of us or targeted us. Why do we know this, because of a series scientific facts. Guess what those facts are called?  “The Germ Theory of Disease, also called the Pathogenic Theory of Medicine.” That’s right, it is a theory also. The fact of evolution does not discount GOD, or make Jesus any less important or inconsequential. It just makes the guess work put forth by the author of Genesis… irrelevant.

That’s all. Thanks for reading. \m/