I actually like writing a blog. I do it every so often, but I enjoy it. The current blog of the moment is simply based on my point of view and whatever mood I am in. In all honesty, my brain doesn’t work just right, and sometimes, I go off the rails. Reading through the blogs, it may seem I am bi-polar bordering on full-blown schizophrenia, though I am not. I tend to speak the same way I write, to say, honestly. I am not necessarily an honest person, but, I have no problems speaking my mind or telling the truth… when it suits me. I am a fierce, combative, confrontational [when provoked] Atheist. My wish is not to offend, truly. The only thing that gets on my nerves more than pious religious a**holes are pretentious arrogant atheists. I tend to piss them off more than believers. I also write about the music I love, films I adore, and television shows I find worthy of recording, and whatever random thoughts are swimming through the nebula I refer to as my mind. I hope you dig the blog and, please, leave a comment [positive or negative] and again, welcome. The eyes belong to the her. She. Goddess… the reason I am still alive. Everything is dedicated to her.

I, Price

In this world I am an Atheist, because I don’t believe in a god. I don’t necessarily call myself an Atheist; I am called an Atheist because of that particular facet of the person that is me. I also don’t believe in Dragons, or Magic, or Psychic ability. Now what am I? I think most would agree I am a reasonable person not to believe in such things. For me, not believing in gods is no different.

I am also called a non-believer, which doesn’t seem fair. I believe in love, kindness, reciprocity, friendship… I believe in a lot of things.

I am called a heathen because I do not acknowledge scripture as law. I would hope after a thorough reading, you wouldn’t either. I disagree with slavery as a practice, or that we should kill homosexuals simply for the perceived crime of being a homosexual. I wholesale disagree with the law that states if my daughter is raped, everything can be made just if the rapist gives me money and then marries my daughter.

I am called a heretic because I turned my back on faith and dogma… okay, that one fits.

I am called an infidel, which translates to unfaithful. I am faithful, to my wife and our marriage. To my girls as their protector and provider. To my friends and earned loyalty. I am faithful to a great many things, none which require me to believe in the supernatural. I have faith in my wife, my girls, my abilities, and my sense of what is just and what is wrong.

I am, however, an Anti-Theist. I am opposed to organized religions and hypocritical dogma. I am against the idea of dying to this life, only to live an eternity in servitude to a king with no guarantee of freedom.

All of these label being stated… I am me. I am loyal and questioning. I am faithful and fearful. I love my family and loathe my sister. I believe in hard work and try to avoid it at every turn. I am disgusted with my country, but, unwilling to move to another. I am a walking, talking dichotomy that is also a hypocrite. This writing is for nothing, other than, I believe you also share in this existence. You strive to be better, whilst trying to not degrade into who you once were. I hope your life continues in a way you can be proud of. Thanks for your time. \m/

Let’s talk Batman

A couple of Friends on Facebook have been in a discussion, on one of my threads, about Batman. It seems one really likes the Nolan pictures featuring Bale and the other thought Affleck was a bad choice. Here is my take, coming from a person who has read Batman comics, watched almost everything filmed or televised offering related to the Dark Knight, on and off, since I was about 9 years old. The one and only Batman, to me, will always be Kevin Conroy [Batman: The Animated Series] with Jason O’Mara [DC Animated Universe] coming in a close second. Batman: The Animated Series, along with Conroy, is the reason we have the Batman mythos we have today… good or bad. Batman’s voice VS Bruce Wayne’s voice, The “No Killing / No Guns” rule [even though Michael Keaton’s Batman has 50 caliber machine guns on the Bat-Wing], and of course Mark Hamill’s take on the Joker. The DC animated films and television shows tend to be much, MUCH better than the Live-Action movies. Now, onto the discussion …

Ben Affleck’s Batman is the best on screen Batman we have been given. Better than Bale, Keaton, definitely Clooney, and, until Affleck, my personal favorite Val Kilmer [a great Batman in an awful movie]. I say that being a fan of Ben Affleck the Actor, Writer, & Director, at the same time loathing Ben Affleck the person. His portrayal of the Dark Knight is a perfect amalgamation of Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” Dystopian retiree and Denny O’Neil’s Batman from which Christopher Nolan [along with writer David S. Goyer] took so much influence for his “Dark Knight” trilogy. Affleck’s Batman is brooding, violent, vengeful, angry, willing to kill the vilest amongst us knowing that if he lets them live, he is just as responsible as the criminal for the lives that will be lost in the future. He is utterly charming as Bruce Wayne, whilst at the same time being attentive and aware as the Brilliant Detective we have loved since his first appearance in Detective Comics #27, in which he wore a sidearm, and dealt with Criminal thugs, Uncaring Landlords & Petty Immigrant Housing Owners in a decidedly brutal fashion. Affleck sums up the Batman I fell in love with in the 90’s. The one who took on the Genius Manipulations of Bane, fought with and against, The Avenging Angel of the Order of St. Dumas… Azreal, Dealt with the sinister machinations of Doctor Hugo Strange, all the while having to deal with one of the Deadliest and well known Rouge’s Gallery in the Comic Book Universe [DC or Marvel].

The DCEU films [DC Extended Universe] do need a serious overhaul to match up to the level of the first Iron Man release, the Russo’s Bros. Captain America films, the under-rated Ant-Man movie, and of course Joss Whedon’s cinematic circus known as The Avenger’s… and I am sure they will get it right [especially with Geoff Johns heading the DC arm of Warner Brothers films]. Just as a note, Affleck’s Batman is barely in Suicide Squad, but when he is, it is a joy. He seems to almost lament having to take in Will Smith’s Deadshot, especially in front of his young daughter. He is unrelenting, like a Gotham Terminator, going after Margot Robbie’s spot-on Harley Quinn and Jared Leto’s forgettable Joker. I am looking forward to what Affleck does in the next few years with my favorite DC Universe Character. He makes up for the misgivings I had about Bale’s interpretation [only a couple of Hiccups, but, they are there] making my inner-child jump up and down with fevered-insanity at the thought of another “Bat-Flek” sighting.

A few observations from the last month or so

A couple of Facebook clients have posted Meme’s, Articles, etc. that have been called out by others. Don’t get me wrong, I do this kinda thing also, but, when I post something I think is funny or incendiary, I actually put that in the post. These guys, after being questioned and put to task by me, others, etc. claim “I posted it as joke to see what kind of reaction it would get”. Really, that is your idea of entertainment? It seems like an asshole action to set people up just so you can say “Gotcha Moron”. If you honestly started with that premise, it doesn’t diminish the intent by making that reason clear. I believe it to be an automatic defense mechanism so one does not look foolish. Everyone makes mistakes, own it. If it is sincere, stand behind it. The “joke” posting tend to mirror the worldview of the poster. I don’t know, maybe my brilliant sense of comedy is too refined… or not enough.

Another thing [and this may be generational thing] is significant others coming to the defense of an internet poster. I don’t care if you’re male or female, married or dating; nothing is more pathetic than your “better half” feeling entitled to post a defending set of remarks on your behalf. It is just sad. You haven’t been physically attacked, sexually assaulted, publicly humiliated… it’s just an exchange of opinions on the internet. But, these people believe they have the right to interject themselves into a situation that has nothing to do with them. It is not just your favorite poster who feels this way. I have friends, a couple of guys who are brothers, a woman who works with my wife… wow, just many others who feel this way. Thinking about it now, it is not generational. A douche-nozzle I used to hang out with started dating this fat-ass ginger c**t, whatever he had as balls shrank into oblivion after he started dating her. She had problems with me, some mutual friends, etc. He pulled back from everyone who disagreed with her or stood up to her. The other side of that, I know this young woman, let’s call her Poison Ivy, who would never let her husband defend her as she can hold her own. It must just be a measurement of intestinal fortitude. Anyway, if you can’t take some ribbing from the internet, maybe take a class, do some yoga, watch some “Ellen” and close yourself off to any and all challenges.

Lastly, I posted about an exchange that happened where, essentially, someone was deliberately trying to offend me. I don’t get offended, because it solves nothing. Though, when some deliberately tries to offend me, I react aggressively, not because I am offended, simply because I have been attacked. Anyway,  it was put to me “Okay, let’s say I get to the end of my life and I decide there is no god, I have still lead a moral life” I replied “As have I, at least in last 17 years, have lead a moral life.” They replied “I don’t know that.” Me: “I don’t know that about you either. I just have to go by how you conduct yourself”. Them: “I am a Christian, I am moral. Someone who doesn’t believe in god has no morals because they don’t believe in good or evil, right or wrong.” Simply staggering ignorance from an otherwise “kinda smart” person. I have never raped a child or adult, never murdered a person in cold blood, never taken money from the poor, etc. Though by this person’s definition, plenty of “moral” believers in god have. He said they weren’t believers, they just said they were. My statement “So I take it YOU are just “saying” you are a believer because, as to your reasoning, I have seen nothing to suggest otherwise, with the exception of your actions which you have implied don’t matter”. I don’t make it easy on myself.

An example of Social Media directing Real Relationships

Anyone who knows me knows I have no problem with so-called “cuss-words”. I do not believe in such a thing. When I am writing, I tend to stray away from using them, unless I am infuriated or enraged. The one thing I do not ever engage in is derogatory language, which, is the kind of language that, even if a “cuss-word” is never uttered, the subject itself is just pedestrian and foul. I recently had cause to interject myself, and my “2 cents worth”, into a Facebook thread related to an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge put forth by a friend who we shall call Charlie. Moments into reading this thread, a poster equated autumn to a woman’s vagina, and not in a subtle way. The subsequent posts followed suit, and of course anyone with scruples would hopefully think twice before engaging in such dialogue when you’re posting on a thread dedicated to an ALS Ice Bucket challenge. You would at least think that the moderator would pull down the posts simply because they do not belong there. The same people, along with others, have engaged in such exercises repeatedly, but, the forum itself was dedicated to their subject matter. My wife became so disgusted with the postings; she stopped following the person who she knew, Charlie that engaged in these dialogues. Well, back to the subject at hand… a mutual friend of mine and Charlie, we shall call him Roscoe, was challenged in the video, and tagged in the post, to which alerted Roscoe to the post. Upon reading the thread, Roscoe posted about, since he was tagged, the disgusting thread showed up on his Facebook wall, and he sarcastically “Thanked” all the posters involved who devolved the dialogue into a low-brow discussion when it should have been related to the ALS Challenge. And even though Charlie, and his girlfriend, let’s call her Ginger, were in the same house, she felt the need to let Charlie know, through Facebook, well… read for yourself

Ginger: Hey Charlie , I just blocked Roscoe for being a bitch and unable to censor his Facebook from his kids. In case you were wondering. Fuck that.

Ginger has never, not once, met Roscoe. Roscoe is a single Father of 2 beautiful daughters, he is extremely successful at his job, he is a social magnet for men and women alike, and is one of the nicest, friendliest, most loyal people you would ever want to meet. He is a diplomat and a fighter, and knows how to maneuver between the two. Ginger is a transplant from up North, who is nice enough on the surface, but, essentially bitchy, emotional, and vile when it comes to people who she deems unworthy of her attention. When Ginger made her posting, I made the two subsequent postings.

Brian Price: Roscoe, I had to stop following this page a long time ago for the same reason. I don’t even have any kids. It is one thing to use a derogatory version of our language in person, but, if you can’t take the time to think and articulate your thoughts clearly through writing, I can only assume you don’t have the intellectual prowess to do so. You know I like my boy Charlie, but some of the foul examples of language that spews forth on some of these threads, through exchanges between he and his fellow Facebook citizens, is simply pathetic. Also, his girlfriend Ginger, who placed the previous post, is a nice enough girl, but as you can read, she is no poet, mostly emotion and estrogen.

Brian Price: Also, what Ginger, and Vernon, do not understand is that Roscoe probably wanted to show his oldest Daughter that Charlie had jumped on the bandwagon for a good cause [though it seems because of a demand from his girlfriend and a threat of not being able to sleep in his own bed] and challenged her Father to do the same. He probably had some pride in Charlie for what he was doing… until Roscoe discovered that apparently Charlie and his Facebook populace were mostly foul-mouthed Eighth Graders with a stunted vocabulary and maybe his Daughter shouldn’t purposely be exposed to such intellectual cretins. That is just my guess.

Upon reading this, Ginger not only de-friended me [it seems she can’t handle disagreement] but also de-friended my Wife, supposedly her good friend, and our niece, who she claimed she thought the world of, simply because they were associated with me. That is absolutely deplorable. My wife and niece had nothing to with this thread, never made a comment on it, or about it, yet Ginger made it clear she wants nothing to do with them because they are my family. It looks like Charlie really picked him a nice, reasonable, well-mannered girlfriend in Ginger. When Ginger made the comment, she made sure to block Roscoe quickly, so he could not respond.

Roscoe:  Apparently, I was blocked by her, Price, as I don’t see any post by her (and I’m assuming there was one after mine). This is not a bad thing. Once again, sorry Charlie.

See what I mean about nice, Roscoe apologized to Charlie for the entire matter, not that Roscoe was wrong, but, that this throws a rift into an otherwise sound friendship between Roscoe and Charlie. Roscoe really has nothing to apologize for. I talked to Charlie on the phone and when I said “You should have Roscoe’s back, he is your people. You of all people know he is not a Bitch, yet, you didn’t defend him or just remove the post and dress down Ginger for her behavior: Charlie stated “Roscoe isn’t my people, you know that.” WTF, apparently since Roscoe and Charlie have gone to lunch together a few times, been up to Roscoe’s has a few times, etc… they are not friends. In all of this, Charlie backed the unreasonable actions of his girlfriend, actions that before her, he found spiteful and cowardice. I am no longer friends with Charlie [he has been downgraded to an associate], simply for the fact I now know he can’t be counted on. I knew in my heart of hearts he was a coward, not necessarily a coward, but he has a cowardice nature… though I had hoped being around me, Roscoe, Roscoe’s brother, etc. he would have adopted an Alpha mentality, it seems instead of becoming stronger he chose to be weak. I always wish for a long life for people like this so as they get older, they ponder all the ways they chose to be cowards and weaklings instead of choosing to be strong. I have more to say, but, I will save it for another day.

Interview with Frank Herbert & David Lynch (1983)

Cacophony of Metal

This is one of those cool artifacts from the Eighties. My Mom and I [I was about 13 years old] went into a Bookland at, a now abandoned, Montgomery Mall. I asked my Mom to buy me the cassette because it looked Sci-Fi [I didn’t know what DUNE was], and she did. I took it home, listened to the interview, and didn’t understand most of it. As I grew older, I kept listening to it [13, 14, 15 etc. you get the idea] and it had a huge influence on me and set the stage for who I would eventually become. This is one of my favorite possessions, and now, I share it with you.


Download Here: http://yadi.sk/d/WqvNeMLDHuBmz

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When a “Mistake” is not a mistake

I was listening to NPR this morning and I heard a story about a former currency trader John Rusnak, who committed one of the largest bank frauds in history. He racked up nine-figure losses at Baltimore’s Allfirst Bank before he got caught and was sent to prison. Upon his release from prison, he is not only reformed, but, is helping others by helping them to get jobs upon their release. The problem I have with all of this is something he said during the interview. He said “I know I can never make up for the mistakes I have made… ” blah,blah, blah. Let’s get this straight. He isn’t apologizing for losing millions of dollars by betting on the Yen… Yes, now that was a mistake. He is apologizing for covering it up, cooking the books, and lying to people (some of who attended the same church as he) for nearly 4 years. THAT is his supposed mistake. That is not a mistake… that is straight up deceit and deception with purpose. I sometimes, catch a hard time from some of those close to me for being so particular about grammar. Language is the best tool we have for communicating to the world, and each other, and we should be particular about every word we choose to use. Don’t get me wrong… I, above most, am guilty of misusing words at one point or another. But, this guy referring to his wrong doings as a “mistake” is systemic in the culture. People who do drugs sometimes say they made a mistake and should be given a second chance. Understand they did not make a mistake. The first handful of people that tried Heroine made a mistake, because, they didn’t know the effects it would cause. Everyone since then, has done it on purpose and, upon hitting rock bottom, ask for forgiveness from those they harmed while on the drug because using Heroine was a “mistake” on their part. Complete and utter B.S. Anyway, I just wanted to get that off of my chest. Happy New Year!!!!!